Advice for Writers

Everything you need to know about show don't tell

Everything You Need to Know About Show Don't Tell

It's a much used phrase, but it's one that, when fully understood, has the power to completely transform your writing.

how to create and introduce unforgettable characters

How to Create and Introduce Unforgettable Characters

First impressions always last and it's no different when it comes to meeting fictional characters you are about to go on a journey with.

how to market your book

How to Market Your Book

You've written a book, you've had feedback on it, you have had it edited and you have spent the pre-requisite number of hours glued to your seat just getting it done. Now it's time to make some sales!

how to build confidence as a writer

Build Your Confidence as a Writer

Building up confidence in your writing is key and is something we all must learn to do. A writer needs a thick skin, and an even thicker shield against harsh words and criticism.

how to write a book and finish writing it

How to Write a Book (and actually finish it!)

Writers always focus on the 'how to write a book' question, but what is actually more important, in fact, is how to actually finish writing that book.

how to get more written in less time

Get More Written in Less Time

One of the biggest challenges we face, in most aspects of our lives, is a shortage of time. There are many ways to move forward with writing your book, that aren't as daunting as they may at first seem.

what is writers voice

What is 'Writer's Voice'?

When literary agents are asked what they are looking for in a manuscript submission, the answer is always the same but there is one special ingredient, that is either there or it isn't and that is voice.

what does show don't tell mean

What Does Show Don't Tell Mean?

The term 'show don’t tell' is thrown around a great deal, in fact, so much so, that it has become a bit of cliché, but, what does ‘show don’t tell' actually mean?

overcoming writers block

The Truth About Writer's Block

When the inability to concentrate or move forward with your book strikes, you need to re-establish your focus, notch up your concentration levels and plough head first over that hurdle.

how to write tension into your novel

Writing Tension Into Your Novel

Creating tension is something writers strive for and is the difference between a pedestrian story and one that lifts off the page and into the pit of the reader's stomach.

how to find your writing voice

7 Ways to Find Your Writing Voice

A skilled writer can transfer his voice to his writing and his words become much more than just words on a page, they come alive and rattle around in your head.

self edit your writing for pace

Pack Your Plot with Pace

Rescuing a plot that drags is a self-editing skill that, once mastered, will change the way you write forever. Learn the six most essential techniques you can use to edit your way out of a dragging plot.

how to write flashback into your novel

How to Write Flashback

A flashback allows the writer to return to a time prior to the current narrative, when vital information from the past is needed to move the story forward.

self edit and write convincing character backstory

Write Believable Characters Through Character Backstory

Too much backstory and you risk slowing the story and giving in to telling and not showing; too little and your characters can become unengaging and lifeless. 

how to write a prologue for your book

How to Write a Prologue for Your Book

The opening of your novel is absolutely key in engaging your reader. Including a prologue in your novel can be risky, used correctly, it can become a very effective literary technique.

how to submit your manuscript to a literary agent

The Definitive Guide to Submitting Your Manuscript to a Literary Agent

You have written a book, prepared your submission package and you think you have what a literary agent is looking for - what's next?

how to write irresistible opening chapters to your novel

How to Make The Opening Chapters of Your Novel Irresistible

The opening of your novel is absolutely key in engaging your reader. Including a prologue in your novel can be risky, used correctly, it can become a very effective literary technique.

apps to stop distractions and get writing

5 Apps to Minimise Distractions and Keep You Focused on Your Writing

If you have tried all the tricks, scheduled in your writing and rest times, shut yourself in a quiet room with a lock on the door, and you still haven’t got anywhere, what's next?

how to write a synopsis for your book

How to Write a Synopsis For Your Book

The synopsis for your book will make or break it in the eyes of the literary agents and publishers you approach. Make sure it carries the right message! Our brief synopsis advice should help to ensure that you have covered the basics.