Does Your Book Need Editing?

We provide a thorough copyedit for your work.

If you have story and structure sorted and you just want to look at grammar then a copyedit is what you are looking for.

hybrid copy-editing and line editing

Most writers come to us looking for a copyedit for their work, but, as the editor goes through the work, it usually becomes apparent that they need a line edit or a manuscript appraisal. We would recommend a copyedit only as one of the very final stages of editing.

The work our editors do on fiction manuscripts usually goes much deeper than a copyedit. That, we think, is the very nature of fiction editing. It is difficult to just look at grammar and spelling when there are other areas that need addressing - especially if this is the first round of editing for the manuscript. So, if this is your first round of editing, but story and structure are in place, you might want to take a look at the line edit.

A copyedit will look at any areas that need correcting rather than the subjective edits of line editing.

  • Spelling - typos, mispelling, UK/US
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency with time, place and character
  • Timelines
  • Dialogue construction
  • Consistency of language use

Your Next Step

Start here for a quote for how much it would cost for a hybrid edit on your manuscript.

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  3. Follow the instructions on the email on how to go ahead with this service

NB: Prices for the hybrid edit are usually charged at about £36 per hour. This fee is calculated based on word count. We do not charge VAT on our prices.

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Editing a manuscript usually takes a minimum of three weeks but manuscripts need to be booked in to our schedule in advance as it fills up quickly.

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