Does Your Book Need a Line Edit?

Line editing is the smoothing and polishing stage of editing.

If you have story and structure sorted and you just want to look at grammar then a copyedit is what you are looking for.

line editing

A line edit is very much sentence-level editing, however, the focus is less about the inaccuracies of the actual writing (although the basic elements of the copyedit are covered where it has an impact on pace and clarity) and more about the way story is communicated to your reader.

A line edit will ensure clarity and readbility, and will turn your great story idea into a perfectly executed novel. Better still, you will be able to see how those changes have been made. By seeing what the editor does to your writing, you will not only learn what needs attention, but exactly how to rectify it, strengthening your writing and self-editing skills.

  • Consistent characterisation & character voice
  • Writing style, exposition and narrative
  • Clunky or unnatural sounding dialogue
  • Flow and clarity - including overwriting
  • Pace and tension - including show don't tell
  • Sentence structure
  • Consistency of language use
  • Point of view and head-hopping
  • Tense
  • Timelines
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax

Your Next Step

Start here for a quote for how much it would cost for a line edit on your manuscript.

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NB: Prices for a line edit are usually charged at about £36 per hour. This fee is calculated based on word count. We do not charge VAT on our prices.

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Editing a manuscript usually takes a minimum of three weeks but manuscripts need to be booked in to our schedule in advance as it fills up quickly.