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The Writing Consultancy

Established by its Founder and Director, Keirsten Clark, in 2002, The Writing Consultancy bridges a gap between aspiring, undiscovered authors and literary agents and publishers. We offer manuscript assessments, editing and mentoring services along with advice, no matter which stage of the writing and publishing process you are at.

Keirsten’s experiences whilst working at one of the UK’s leading literary agents, Curtis Brown, made her realise that authors needed more than just a rejection slip. They needed guidance and writing advice, from professionals in the industry, to fine-tune their manuscripts into a professional format which would encourage an agent or publisher to look beyond the first few pages.

Keirsten still takes the time to chat to every author to find out exactly what they need before recommending any services. She still goes through every report that comes back across her desk so that she knows exactly what kind of next steps they need to take and what their onward writing journey will look like. The relationships built through The Writing Consultancy are why many of our authors come back time and time again. Take a look at our testimonial page to read more about us.

Whether authors wish to self-publish or approach literary agents or publishers, our belief is always the same, and that is, it’s all about story. And you have one to tell. We are here to help you get it out there in the best way possible.