Writing groups are invaluable to writers but we know it’s not always possible to join one due to time constraints, lack of groups in your area, or just not wanting to commit to something every month.

Sometimes you just want to ask someone if something makes sense or whether it’s a good opening chapter, or if there is enough tension in the scene. Perhaps it’s just about working out if a piece of dialogue is believable or whether your character comes across in the way you want them to.

This is why we have set up The Writing Group – a monthly subscription group where you will be entitled to up to three submissions in one month of up to 800 words (approx. two sides of A4 with double line spacing and 12 point font) each. An editor will go through those 800 words and mark up their comments on the pages.

Virtual Writing Group - The Writing Consultancy

In addition to the submissions you will also receive a free printable each month on a range of topics such as building believable characters, developing character backstory, developing plot and more.

Price includes:

3 x 800 words (submitting separately)

1 x pdf printable

The introductory price to become a member of The Writing Group is £9.99

Fill out the form to let us know you would like to join and we will get you enrolled and started!