What is a Submission Package Appraisal?

A submission package appraisal is usually done at the very final stage of your writing and editing journey. It is only necessary if you are planning to submit your manuscript to literary agents and not relevant if you are planning on self-publishing your book.

Submission to a literary agent - Submission Package Appraisal

We can’t guarantee you success with finding an agent from the off, but we can guarantee giving your work its best chance at success and we can help to make sure you are ahead of the game.

A submission package may seem straightforward, but it’s about more than just checking you are including the right information and in the right format. It is also about making sure that what our editor sees is impressive enough to catch the attention of an agent. And that includes your first three chapters.

Our editors will go through your first three chapters (up to 25,000 words) along with your submission letter and your synopsis and annotate your work providing you with close line edits (note these are not grammatical edits). This will give you a detailed picture of where the work needs to be done to give your submission package the most impact.

literary agent submission package appraisal

Please note our fees for a submission package appraisal report are fixed at £380.

Please fill out the form on the left to hold a place in the schedule and provisionally book this service.

You are under no obligation to go ahead and one of our team will contact you with editor details, timescales and fees.

The appraisal covers:

  • Feedback on your synopsis – with annotations
  • Feedback on your submission letter – with annotations
  • Annotated line by line feedback on your first 3 chapters up to 25,000 words
  • An overview report on general points covering the above including presentation
  • Conclusion and next steps