Mentoring for writers

Sometimes it’s easier to talk things through with someone face-to-face and that’s why we have set up the mentoring package. The package is a combination of report and Zoom sessions – an initial session and further optional follow-up sessions. The sessions will take place on Zoom at a scheduled time.

The initial report will be a shorter version of our manuscript appraisal report but will include topics for discussion in the call. The report will be sent back to you in advance of the call so that you have the chance to go through the feedback and make notes on the things you would like to discuss.

If you would like to set your initial call date for a little further in the future (up to three weeks) that isn’t a problem. You will then have a chance to have a go at some of the suggested rewrites and can bring these along to the call to discuss. The initial call will last for up to two hours.

Mentoring for writers

Follow-up calls are an hour with three included in the initial package. Following this you are able to request more follow up calls.

The Package:

  • Initial report
  • Initial call (two hours)
  • Three follow-up call sessions

Introductory price: £910
Follow up calls: £70 an hour

Please fill out the form on the left to hold a place in the schedule and provisionally book this service.

You are under no obligation to go ahead and one of our team will contact you with editor details, timescales and fees.