What is a plot brainstorming session?

Plot Brainstorm Sessions - The Writing Consultancy

Have you got a little way into your book and have had to go back to your plot? Or, have you the seed of an idea but you aren’t sure if it will work, or if it has legs? Or perhaps you just need a little bit of inspiration to keep going with the idea you have.

Our editors will go through a detailed outline of your work ready for discussion in your brainstorming session. There is no report provided for this as the bulk of the work will take place during the brainstorming session.

Plot Brainstorm Sessions - The Writing Consultancy

You will have a two hour slot with the editor on Zoom to meet up and chat through all of your ideas. As our editors are all published authors themselves, they will be able to give you tips on the plotting process and some techniques you can use. If you have follow up questions from this, we will also help you out with those.

We want to make sure you are feeling positive about your ideas and are enjoying the writing.

Introductory price: £280

Please fill out the form on the left to hold a place in the schedule and provisionally book this service.

You are under no obligation to go ahead and one of our team will contact you with editor details, timescales and fees.